Starbucks Star Dash: Earn up to 20 Stars

Starbucks Star Dash

Starbucks Star Dash

Starbucks has a new Star Dash available, starting today {1/27}, for most Starbucks Rewards members.  You will need to check your email or log into your Starbucks Rewards account for the exact details as the amount of stars required to earn the Bonus Stars seems to vary widely.

Starbucks First Star Dash Requirements 2014 40 Stars = aprox. $200+ in purchases to earn 20 Bonus Stars equivalent to 1.5 free drinks.

Judging by my offer, I’m assuming the more you frequent Starbucks, the more Stars will be required to achieve the bonus.  As you can see by the graphics {above} I have posted from my offer, I need to purchase 40 items to earn the 20 Bonus Stars by February 11th.  Others have reported an end date of February 9th with as few as 6 Stars required to earn 10 bonus Stars or 12 Stars to earn 20, so your offer may vary.

Be sure to have the barista ring up each drink/item separately if buying more than one drink/item.  Starbucks only gives ONE Star per transaction, NOT for each item purchased.  By having each item rung up separately, you earn a Star for each item and reach the bonus more quickly.  :)

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